Beauty treatments

Beauty treatments

All prices listed below include VAT.



Silk25 minutes

Peeling, decongestant massage, thermal mud mask or customised mask

€ 35,00

Purity50 minutes

Deep cleansing treatment with jets of steam, squeezing, decongestant massage, mask with thermal mud

€ 60,00

Visolift25 minutes

Facial massage, neck and decolleté with lifting effect + serum

€ 30,00

Thermalherbs25 minutes

Hydromassage in thermal water with infusion of herbs with detoxifying and draining action
€ 32,00

Cleopatra 50 minutes

Wrap with cream, bath in thermal water, moisturizing light massage
€ 65,00

Cellulite treatment50 minutes

To fight localized fat. Wrap with thermal mud with slimming and anti-cellulite active ingredients + massage
€ 65,00

Toning treatment50/120 minutes

To fight skin and muscle laxity. Thermal mud wrap with active ingredients + massage. Possibility to combine a session of electrostimulation
€ 65,00/95,00

Intensive firming treatment40 minutes

Wrap with thermal mud with mineralizing active ingredients and manual light massage with emollient oils or moisturizer
Possibility to combine a session of electrostimulation
€ 45.00/75.00

Pressoterapia30 minutes
€ 21,50

Swedish25/50 minutes

Traditional massage with relaxing action
€ 32,00/58,00

Aromatic25/50 minutes

Massage with delicate fragrant blend with relaxing action
€ 35,00/60,00

Perfect body25/50 minutes

Anti-cellulite or toning massage
€ 35,00/60,00

Lymphatic drainage25/50 minutes

Massage with a draining and anti-cellulite action with draining oils
€ 35,00/60,00

Relaxing massage25 minutes

Massage with warm fragrant butters, for nourishing and relaxing effect on the tissues
€ 38,00

Ayurveda – 50 minutes

Massage from the Indian tradition for a relaxing effect, circulatory and nourishing for the tissues
€ 68,00

Love & Friendship: some of our massages can be carried out in a double cabin for couples or friends.

Subscription for 10 entry passes
€ 130,00

All the above prices include VAT.

Visita medica Ayurvedica – Dietoterapia

Ascoltazione del polso,valutazione energetica delle condizioni di equilibrio/squilibrio e test della costituzione Vata-Pitta-Kapha. Indicazioni nutrizionali Ayurvediche – 50 minuti

€ 120,00
Trattamento decontratturante detossinante

Oleazione di tutto il corpo a due mani un operatore + rilasssamento + pulizia – 60 minuti

€ 90,00
Trattamento decontratturante detossinante

Oleazione di tutto il corpo a quattro mani due operatori + rilasssamento + pulizia – 60 minuti

€ 140,00
Trattamento stimolante

+ rilassamento + pulizia riflessologia con olio piedi, mani, viso, testa – 40 minuti

€ 80,00
Trattamento riducente – Dimagrante

+ rilassamento + pulizia oleazione addome-fianchi – 40 minuti

€ 80,00
Trattamento antidolorifico rilassante

+ rilassamento + pulizia oleazione cervicale-lombare – 40 minuti

€ 80,00
Trattamento ristrutturante

+ rilassamento + pulizia capelli e cuoio capelluto e unghie – 40 minuti

€ 80,00